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artworks in residence


The following artworks support Watford House-as-artwork directly and provide a beginning point for all activities undertaken.


Works that have been a presence in the house since the start of the project.

6 drypoint etchings of waterholes by Molly Rogers, Mona Chuquna, Nada Rawlins & Honey Child

These ‘waterhole’ works speak to the power of the continuing quiet indigenous    presence on this land.


The Woman Warrior 1983 Watercolour on paper by Anon
This work has been a constant element of the project, initiating the Chinese focus while also being a reminder of the magic of one woman’s power.


Prediction Piece 8: Winter/Passion 1986
A pair of C Type photographs to accompany a performance at the Art Gallery of NSW for the 1986 Biennale of Sydney. This pair of works is an acknowledgement of the presence of quiet violence in the domestic realm.


Works created onsite:

The act of preservation

100 empty glass Fowler-Vacola preserving jars of different sizes covering various surfaces in the house. For Entirely Useless Kitchen in the ‘women and ecology’ exhibition, they defiantly covered all kitchen surfaces as demonstration of a refusal to cook.


The Net 1-6

Installations of mosquito netting over beds inside and out and of bird netting over plants. Continuous in many versions.


Signs of life

These include the numbers inscribed on the planks of this pre-fab house and on the fencing, but they also appear as proverbs written on walls and placards, directions, notices…


Vegetable garden with frames and pomegranates

Hedges of pomegranates and Rosemary provide protective fencing for the vegetable garden and 3 frames on wheels provide many services (enable frost and shade and bird cloth covers, framing to keep broad beans upright….) as well as constantly re-framing elements of the garden.


Works by other women artists gifted to the project or from Jones’ own collection. These include:

Green Osage Orange by Terri Bird,

Wall Plates by Katarina Frank,

Landscape Painting (Black) by Kerrie Poliness, 

Accordian to Mao 2 prints by Ian Robertson,

Free China /Free Tibet, 2 prints by Peter Tyndall,

Blue Object by Julie Shiells

Conflagrations from the end of time by Lindy Lee,

Red Hand by Louise Haselton,

Square 1972 by Bea Maddock,

Under Study: Painting Element Series: Form print by Jane Trengove.

Window Drawings by Gosia Wlodarczac

The Palace of Wisdom by Ania Walwitz

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