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from hamburg to avoca as numbered planks

  • The house has been recognised by Heritage Victoria for its important history as a 19th century immigrant – a German kit house that arrived as numbered planks from Hamburg in 1852, was assembled in the main street of Avoca as accomodation for the Avoca hotel. Then, 20 years later, it was sold and rolled down the hill using redgum rollers to its current site behind the main street , overlooking the Avoca River. 


  • Documentation of authenticity includes a letter from Heritage Architect Professor Miles Lewis and a certificate from Heritage Victoria. 


  • Two photographs, one showing it as part of the hotel in the main street in the 1850s (in the keeping of the Avoca Historical Society), the second (in the keeping of Lyndal Jones) showing the house at its current site in 1872 provide evidence of this history.


  • A copy of the advertisement in the local paper for its sale in 1872 before its removal to its current site has been donated to the owner. 

    Photographs from Eleanor Marshall, the granddaughter of Mrs Reid, a former owner have been donated to the project.

    A documentary video of the previous owner, Noel Tunks who talks about his relationship with the house has been made by Jones. part 1 of this artwork, 'noel' has been exhibited internationally. 


  • Exhibitions on-site, invitations to show aspects of the project in major galleries and museums in Australia and internationally, international and Australian artist residencies, local events and activities have all been either supported by arts funding bodies and/or organisations and discussed in journals, on-line and in the press. See details in onsite and offsite projects. 

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