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interior loop


House and Home, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne; Academy Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania 2012

Compiled for the exhibition House and Home, curated by Malcom Bywaters, at Margaret Lawrence Gallery, University of Melbourne and Academy gallery, University of Tasmania, both in 2014.

Peter Timms wrote for the catalogue “on the evidence of these works, our commitment to the idea of home would seem secure. However, the same cannot be said of the house, which is surely more vulnerable than ever (as lyndal Jones hints). It is touching, for example, that people whose houses have been destroyed by bushfires so often express gratitude for the survival of their loved-ones and pets, despite having lost all their possessions. If they do mourn the loss of things, it will be those small personal ones such as photos, letters and other mementos that helped turn house into home”. Peter Timms, 2014

The sequence of images was selected and displayed as a circular loop of movement through the house, with the only window showing only a white-out…

Photo sequence of Watford House interiors—a group of images that show nothing of the outside world.   

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