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study for fifteen painters and prepared house


Watford House, 2016

The façade of Watford House was painted white in 1 day by 15 painters wearing white as a durational performance, recorded for future video installation to include music based on John Cage’s compositions for prepared piano. The house was stripped back to bare timber in preparation. This took 2 years.

13 artists and local residents volunteered to perform with local expert, professional house painter Ian Fraser.

Assisted by Chris Campbell. Directed by Lyndal Jones, cameras, Andrew Mclauchlin  
Volunteers Michael Agar, John Deverall, Megan Evans, Caroline Farmer, Tara Gilbee, Dominic Howe,  Penelope Hunt, Jennifer Lade, John Quinn, Indira Shanahan, Victoria Stead, Michelle Wilson 

Documentation; Megan Evans and Lyndal Jones

Photographs: Megan Evans, Lyndal Jones

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