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writings about the project


‘The ark of catastrophe’: Guido van der Werve and Lyndal Jones in the 18th Biennale of Sydney by Eve Sullivan. Read here.

Bywater, M. ‘Lyndal Jones: Climate Change, Performance and the Avoca Project’ Fusion. Read here.

Harkins-Cross, R. 2014 Artists Lyndal Jones and Lindy Lee help build the garden of fire and water in Avoca, Sydney Morning Herald, October 2. Read here.

Anne Douglas: What makes a house an artwork? On visiting The Avoca Project, Eco/Art/Scot/Land, July 22, 2014. Read here.

Tweeddale, Anna, Exotic vernacular: Chinese Gardens in Avoca, Realtime, Dec 16, 2014.  Read here.

Lindy Lee: The Dark of Absolute Freedom. Watch here.

Tweedale, Anna, 2014, Exotic Vernacular: Chinese Gardens in Avoca, RealTime issue #124 Dec-Jan

The Avoca Project | Carbon Arts, 2013. Read here.

Walton, R 2013 ‘Acting up – climate change cause needs performers’ help’ The Conversation, July 8

Tansey, J.P. 2011 Whispering Wall: Propositions for an Uncertain Future

Rehearsing Catastrophe: The Ark in Avoca from Lyndal Jones, 2011. Watch here.

Donisthorpe, S Artworks feature: The Avoca Project – Lyndal Jones ABC Radio National June 29, 2008. Listen here.

Percival, L. 2008 My Space Lyndal Jones The Age, May 24

Perkin, C. 2008 In the Video of the Senses, The Australian, May 23. Read here.

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