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uncle vanya in avoca


Watford House and gardens—study 2014, public performance 2015

Durational performance over 24 hours with scenes set throughout the house and garden. This play by Chekov has been referred to as the first environmental work for the theatre.

Developed and directed by Bagryana Popov with Watford House, it was shown first as a study then as a performance as part of the Castlemaine Festival. It has since been transferred to homesteads in Steiglitz and Eganstown in Victoria and at Bundanon NSW.

Performers: James Wardlaw, Natascha Flowers, Todd MacDonald, Liz Jones, Olena Fedorova, John Bolton, Majid Shoko, Meredith Rogers, dramaturg Maryanne lynch, music Elissa Goodrich

Local Experts: Eleanor Marshall (former resident), Shane Howe (Manager, Blue Pyrenees Vineyard)
Co-produced by Bagryana Popov and La Mama Theatre, Melbourne 

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Neumark, Norie 2015, Site-specific, durational, regional Chekov in realtime issue #127 June-July 2015


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