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watford in werribee (with flowers)


Wyndham Art Gallery, Werribee, 2017 

Installation by Lyndal Jones 

In the spirit of sustainability, but also of fairness, objects that have been waiting to be used or have been refused in the ongoing evolution of a house that arrived in Avoca from Europe in 1852 as numbered planks, now have their turn. The task was to create an exhibition from elements of the house (without including anything new) in the spirit of continuing migration.

Watford in Werribee with Flowers, accompanying performance by 5 women and girls from Avoca. Foraged and home-grown flowers will be arranged and re-arranged in live performances by 5 women from Avoca within the regularly changing exhibition.

Flower-arranging performers, Elva Barker, Jane and Francesca Howe, Gloria Uerbergang, Heather Bradley. Directed by Lyndal Jones

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